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MusicMagic/AccordionsUSA is unparalleled in our customer satisfaction rating, level of tech support, V-Accordion sales volume and dedication to the advancement of Roland's V-Accordion development program.  JUST ASK ROLAND!!

Above: (top to bottom) - MM/AUSA President Alex Chudolij during all day meetings with the V-Accordion design team and Roland Europe President at Roland Europe's manufacturing and design headquarters in Italy.  MM/AUSA is not satisfied to merely sell a product - our goal is to make a difference in the design and quality of the products we sell.  We invite you to call us to learn more about how Music Magic Accordions USA has already made a difference in V-Accordion quality control, packaging and marketing - and how we have supplied major rock performers with V-Accordions for their concert tours.

MM/AUSA official Product Demonstrators and actual Roland V-Accordion owners.  Our Product Demonstrators are available in many parts of the Northeastern and Middle Atlantic states to host clients privately or for public appearances, concert performances and accordion club demos. Just call us at 888-887-0975 to check availability in your area.

V-Accordion Piano models FR-7, FR-5 and FR-3s on display at NAMM

MM/AUSA President congratulated for his commitment to the successful sales, marketing and support of the V-Accordion by Roland US President and Chairman of NAMM Dennis Houlihan and Roland Corp. founder, accordion enthusiast and V-Accordion concept originator Ikutaro Kakehashi.  (MM/AUSA has been among the top three volume dealers of the V-Accordion nationwide.)


ROLAND V-Accordions - the most revolutionary technological musical instrument in the recent history of the accordion - already inducted into the International Accordion Museum in Castelfidardo, Italy.  This completely electronic instrument looks, plays and, most importantly, sounds like an accordion - actually up to 33 different accordions each with 14 treble grille registers and tunings ranging from Jazz and Tone Chambered Classical to Italian Folk, French, Alpine, German and Tex Mex.  You actually dial up a particular type of accordion and then all the registers (bass and treble) as well as the tuning on both hands becomes that of just such an accordion.    All accordions have been actually digitally recorded from real acoustic instruments using sophisticated multi-microphone stereo surround sampling technology.  In addition, there are up to 22 internal orchestral sounds that complement the accordion sounds on-board and respond realistically to this bellows dynamic, touch sensitive, aftertouch enabled fully midi accordion line - each model able to run for hours on a single NiMH battery charge. Available in either piano or chromatic (all treble and bass systems - even free bass - are built-in and selectable from the on-board menu) and in either full sized/full featured models or reduced size and weight models as light as 16 lbs light!

Key Benefits

  • No bulky external power brick required.  All sounds are internally generated.
  • V-Accordion FR7 and FR3s models (piano or button) are equipped with a high fidelity internal stereo speaker system - allowing monitoring of your performance directly from the accordion, allowing true strolling, wirelessly, with only the V-Accordion on your shoulders, and eliminating the requirement to have to plug into an amplifier to be heard.  In fact, the internal sound systems in these V-Accordions can produce similar or greater volumes than that of acoustic accordions.
  • Sound quality, proprietary Roland Sound Modeling Technology algorithms, and dynamics capabilities allowing not only volume modulation but also the ability to actually change the "envelope" or "tonal shape" of the sound according to how you play the instrument.
  • Affordable - All this and more at pricing starting below that of conventional reedless accordions and most similarly sized and configured reeded models from Italy.
  • V-Accordions are MADE IN ITALY and designed by accordionists!
  • Lightweight - all models weighing from 16 lbs to 25.5 lbs.
  • Guaranteed - With dozens of authorized Roland Service Centers around the country, you can rest assured that we can have your needs addressed quickly and to your satisfaction.  With Music Magic Accordions USA as your authorized dealer, you have a double guarantee of protection and satisfaction.  We invite you to enjoy the feeling of total security and satisfaction.  All V-Accordion purchases automatically come with our EXCLUSIVE Satisfaction Guarantee or your Money-Back. 
  • We invite you to visit our affiliated website at and enjoy viewing our online video demos of the Roland V-Accordion!

SEM CIAO Reedless Accordions

One characteristic of Music Magic / Accordions USA is our reputation for doing our homework and providing the most honest and knowledgeable information and recommendations to our prospective customers.  As such, you can be assured that when we say that the Ciao Reedless accordion is absolutely the finest conventional and lightweight reedless model on the market, we mean it - and would look forward to the opportunity of proving it to you. We have carried a number of reedless models over the years, but the reason we stock the Ciao is because it is without a doubt the best and easiest to use midi system on the market today.

Key Benefits

  • One of the lightest weight reedless models on the market - just 14-15 lbs
  • The most built-in sounds - 400 sound programs, including layers, keyboard splits, and even some bass percussive sounds to allow you to use your left hand fingers as "drumsticks".
  • New Version 2 model - more features than ever.
  • 24 global memories with instant, one button recall during your performance.
  • Allows you to directly select any of the 400 sounds while playing by simply punching in a number from 0 to 399 - no need for pressing Enter buttons or selecting banks.
  • Easily separate the output of the left hand from the output of the right hand, allowing separate equalization at your amplifier/mixer and also facilitating the use of a volume pedal to control the volume of the treble apart from the standard method of controlling the volumes via bellows pulling.
  • Great Sounds - Approx. 140 accordion sounds as well as fantastic quality orchestral sounds (sound card is not by Orla) - BETTER than the sounds used in most other reedless midi accordion systems.  Some of the standout sounds include strumming Mandolins, Octave Piano, Brass ensemble, Vibes, excellent bass (Upright or Electric), Strings, and many interesting layered and accordion sounds.
  • Bellows shakes are extremely easy and realistic.
  • Easy sensor adjustment and excellent reliability.
  • NEW! Wireless version now available!!


Features Ciao Reedless FR-7 V-Accordion
Configuration 41/120 41/120
Weight 15 lbs 25 lbs w/batt.
Keyboard shallower deeper
Bellows slow - 1-speed slower - 1-speed
Pressure needed to sound a note v. slight medium
Can be set to play without pulling yes yes
Bellows dynamics settings 2 5
Accordion Sounds 140 500+
Orchestral/Electronic Sounds 259 22
Sound Layering Yes-ROM presets Yes-user selectable
Octave Δ  Transpose  Microtune Yes Yes
Dynamics - Bellows Yes-volume Δ only Yes-full dynamics
Dynamics - Keyboard No Yes-Treble & Bass
Expressivity Fair - Good Good - Very Good
Separate Outputs - Left vs. Right Hand Yes No
Wireless Capability Yes - Optional Yes for built-in sounds
MIDI Connectivity Yes-Midi Out Yes-Midi Out/In/Thru
One Touch Presets Yes - 24 Yes - 42
Sound editing No Yes-accordion sounds
Built-in Speakers No Yes
Headphone jack Yes-on power supply Yes-on grille bottom
Manual Percussive Sounds for Left Hand Yes No
Cost FR3<Ciao<FR5/7 Ask about no interest!
Home News Products NEW Internet Store! History - AUSA Pros who chose us!

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