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Accordions USA teams up with Google Checkout!

Music Magic / Accordions USA makes accordion purchasing safe, simple & secure with Google Checkout's "Buy Now" buttons!  Stay tuned as we introduce "Buy Now" as a method to purchase select accordions and other musical merchandise in the coming days. 

USA Premier of the Roland V-Accordion Festival

This year, ROLAND US joins Roland worldwide in sponsoring the Roland US V-Accordion Festival to be held in Los Angeles, CA on September 20th, 2008.  to learn more about the incredible Roland V-Accordion line.

Music Magic USA returns from Italy after meeting with manufacturers
Several new models planned for 2008

Music Magic USA’s Alex & Lillianna Chudolij with the Menghinis in the Suoni factory. Castelfidardo, Italy - Music Magic Accordions USA returned from a week-long series of visits and meetings with their primary Italian accordion and electronics business partners.  Several new initiatives were proposed and new models were reviewed – from models being freshly introduced by the manufacturers to models conceived by Music Magic USA and designed jointly along with selected Italian factories. 




As a result of these meetings, Music Magic USA can assure its customers that their wishes are being relayed to Italy and that Music Magic USA will continue to remain at the forefront of new accordion design, contribute to the proliferation of new model choices as well as create an atmosphere of excitement which will develop the next generation of accordion users as well as manufacturers.

- Music Magic Accordions USA is planning a V-Accordion demonstration concert -

    Stay tuned for details of this premier event to be held in the NY/NJ/PA/CT vicinity in 2009.

In Stock!  Our Own Music Magic USA Design:

The NEW Angle by Ottavianelli & Music Magic USA

OTTAVIANELLI – Music Magic USA  Angle

Get a new Angle on accordion quality, keyboard speed, tonal excellence and ergonomic design that will help to improve your performance while also making the playing experience more natural and comfortable.

Music Magic Accordions USA is proud to introduce our latest accordion design – the Angle.  Crafted for us by Ottavianelli Ovidio of Castelfidardo, Italy.  There has not been such a new design concept in accordion manufacturing in decades!

  • 41/120 Pro model
  • 4/5 sets of Hand Finished Reeds (Hand Made upgrade available)
  • REVOLUTIONARY new geometries for noticeably enhanced playability:
    • Less angling of your bass wrist to reach the buttons
    • Less elbow elevation and rotator cuff stress for your treble side
    • More resonant and rich bass due to increased bass reed pathway and Low G Bassoon tuning
  • NEW! Fastest, shallowest and lightest Golden Touch™ keyboard – designed by Music Magic USA at the Ottavianelli Accordions Factory.  The only non-chambered accordion in the world with the Golden Touch™ - for greater ease of playing and comfort.  Increases your key span due to shallow key action and prevents carpal tunnel injuries due to more natural hand / wrist position and lighter key pressure.
  • NEW! Unique Dual Action™ palm registers for instant selection of not just the Master but also the Musette registers.  Keep your hands on the keys at all times and switch between the two most used registers.  Easier to use than chin registers.
  • Sennheiser Microphones on board
  • Lighter weight, ergonomic design – just 24 lbs
  • Reknowned Ottavianelli bass depth, keyboard action and authentic True Musette tuning.
  • Unmistakable appearance and quality
  • A Best Buy among pro quality full sized 4/5 reed accordions – thanks to Music Magic/ Accordions USA’s competitive pricing.  

Exclusively available from Music Magic /Accordions USA

Specifications subject to manufacturing change without notice.

PIETRO – NEW for 2008! Super Dolomite 42/120 (Cassotto)

  • Zupan-type emerald cut 42 note (low E)  19 1/8” keyboard occupies same length as a std 41 note full sized
  • Double Tone Chamber w/Bassoon + Clarinet reeds in the cassotto
  • Genuine Hand Made Reeds
  • Genuine Sennheiser Microphones
  • Only 26 lbs! Possibly the most beautiful accordion you have ever seen!
  • Genuine Satintone™ Burled Wood finish, plus all-wood keyboard foundation, bass plate, valve hammers and even wooden treble & bass registers.
  • Unique artisan-quality inlaid “Italian jewelry box” type ornamentation on top, bottom, front and grille sides of the accordion.  Designs are actually completely hand cut and inlaid pieces of different colored exotic woods.
  • New Master palm register bar
  • Genuine Chromed metal grille – wooden grille available by request
  • Incredibly rich Low E bass makes the Dolomite one of the richest sounding and lightest weight tone chambered accordions made - at an amazingly affordable price – thanks to Music Magic USA and Pietro Accordions.
  • 100% designed and manufactured in Italy EXCLUSIVELY to our specifications – only available from Pietro Accordions – distributed by Music Magic USA, LLC

Contact us about a custom made PIETRO Dolomite Series model – Lighter weight, full and reduced sizes, chambered and non-chambered models, with standard or Helicon (tuba) bass.

Introducing by Suoni

The Next Generation of MIDI Has Arrived at Music Magic
Now available on select accordion brands as an all in one midi system as well as the new Ciao Reedless and Ciao Reedless WIRELESS models!

CiaoReedless.jpg (41656 bytes)

Music Magic USA/ Accordions USA is happy to present the next generation in reedless accordions. Easier use, more and better quality sampled sounds, and more affordable than ever before. We have played the CIAO give it the highest rating to date!

The new CIAO Version 2.0 features:

  • 400 preset sounds – all accessible by directly inputting a single number from 0 to 399 (no bank # and no Program Change # to worry about). This allows true tonal changing on the fly while you are performing.
  • Accordion samples are smoother across the keyboard and are more realistic – especially the Master registers.
  • Unique preset split sounds give you ½ a keyboard of one sound with ½ a keyboard of a totally different sound.
  • Pre-layered sounds are offered for additional sound complexity and fullness.
  • Percussive effects available on the bass sounds for drum-like realism.
  • New, improved Upright, Electric and Synth bass sounds.
  • Amazing strumming mandolins – with or w/o strings!
  • Responsive treble keyboard – natural bass feel.
  • Headphone jack for private practice or direct recording.
  • NEW! Now with twice as many global preset memories as before (24 of them) to allow instant ONE-TOUCH access to your favorite sound combinations.
  • NEW! Now you can assign the right hand and left hand sounds to separate outputs.
  • Whether as a fully Reedless Model or as part of a complete easy to use state of the art midi setup for a new acoustic accordion, the new Ciao midi system with 400 sounds will prove to be an absolute joy to play – you won’t be able to put it down!

PLAY NOW NO INTEREST FINANCING with our Magic Money credit card PAY LATER

Roland V-Accordion News


- Roland introduces the new FR-2 V-Accordion at the 2008 NAMM in California! The smallest, most portable and lowest priced V-Accordion with features like one touch selection of accordion and orchestral sounds without having to switch sound banks.  Electronic bass and chord sections activate with one touch of a lighted grille button.  New bellows articulation engineering for the best bellows shaking experience of any V-Accordion to date! New on-board rhythm loop recorder and drum pads allow you to record a loop in a matter of seconds for you to play along with on your next song!  FANTASTIC feature allows the assignment of any of 5 preset pairs of percussive sounds onto the Bass and Chords buttons - allowing you to play BOTH electronic or accordion sounds on your bass and chords WHILE SIMULTANEOUSLY PLAYING PERCUSSION MANUALLY WITH YOUR BASS AND CHORD FINGERS - so your fingers become virtual DRUMSTICKS.  Unlike metronomic auto-arrangers, this setup allows you to speed up, slow down or do anything you want since every percussive sound is actually played by you - not a "dummy" rhythm track!  Contact Music Magic Accordions USA for more information on this amazing new portable V-Accordion with 34 treble notes - still completely full sized.

- Roland V-Accordion Version 2 Software Upgrades now available to our FR7/5/3 customers.  The FR3 upgrade now allows owners to save their favorite sound combinations (left and right hand) in one touch presets for instant recall!

- 100+ Orchestrated Rhythm Accompaniments for your V-Accordion!  New! Roland E-50  61 note keyboard. Weighing only 19.5 lbs, the E-50 is almost as portable as some competitive auto arranger modules - and costs even less!!  For those of you who have been waiting for a reasonably priced solution to your auto-accompaniment requests to turn yourself into a complete one person orchestra capable of providing dance music and rhythms of virtually every kind.  You can even record, store and play General Midi files directly from the E-50.  The arranger rhythms are fresh and new, with a fantastic large TOUCH SENSITIVE DISPLAY screen which allows easy navigation with your fingertips and even composing your own multi-track recording or designing your own custom rhythm styles.  Call us for details!

- World's Fastest Quick Charger for all V-Accordion FR-3 models! Specifically designed and OPTIMIZED to charge specified 2500mAhr AA NiMH batteries so quickly that a complete set of 10 AA batteries for an FR-3 in as little as 45 minutes!!  (This is compared to approx. 16 hrs of charging using a conventional AA NiMH battery charger!!).  Call us and pick up a set of 10 x 2500 mAhr AA NiMH batteries and a fan-cooled charger!


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