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Our list of professional Music Magic Accordions USA accordionists proudly showcases one of the most diverse and talented series of patrons representing virtually every musical genre from all parts of the world. 

For example, if you venture to the new Bellagio Hotel on the strip in Las Vegas, NV, you owe it to yourself to see what is billed as the most incredible Aquatic performance in the world - Cirque du Soleil's "O" show.  Cirque uses live musicians to paint the musical tapestry upon which their world renowned acrobatic artists perform their graceful acrobatics.  The musical timbres, microphone selection, audio characteristics and weight factors all are carefully evaluated by Cirque prior to their making a new accordion purchasing decision for their resident accordionist.  Because of this, we are not surprised (but quite honored) to have had our Pietro Portable 37/96 chosen as best meeting the high standards and customization requirements of Montreal-based Cirque du Soleil.

Additionally, we have supplied the #1 Polka Band in the country, the Grammy Award winning Jimmy Sturr Orchestra, with their accordionist’s (Al Piatkowski) Alessandrini Polka Magic (one of Music Magic USA’s exclusive models), we have also provided Ohio area Ed Potoniec’s Tower City Drive orchestra with their Polka Magic, as well. 

In the polka field, few have made an impact on as many levels as Connecticut's perennial bandleader, radio personality and progressive polka proponent Johnny Prytko.  It is an honor to have John as one of our most appreciative customers and valuable music industry resources, whose constructive approach and valuable input into all aspects of the industry is always welcome.  John literally "wows" his audiences with his G. Verde Rapsodia MIDI in a stunning black pearl finish. 

If you should venture to visit historic and ethnically rich Frankenmuth, Michigan, all you need to do is stop into the Bavarian Inn for a snack, lunch or a brew and chances are that in a moment or two you will hear yet another Alessandrini Polka Magic being played by Joel Zwerk, one of the Inn’s Summertime strolling accordionists and resident entertainer. 

If you are looking for a fantastic music school in New York City area or need to hire one of the best accordionists in the business, you should just take a moment to listen to accordion recording artist Frank Toscano playing his G.Verde Live IV. 

In German venues throughout the NY/NJ/PA area, few performers are better known for their ability to provide one-man-band entertainment than Eric Baal – one of our first Polka Magic performers. 

Based in the Washington D.C. and Maryland area, there is probably no-one else in the country who has lived a fuller accordion life than the beloved educator, composer, arranger and performer for a multitude of private, public and Presidential functions as nonagenarian Merv Conn, who has attributed much of his ability to continue strolling and performing to his owning the very first G.Verde Lite IV 37/96 model ever made – an accordion series requested by us, named by us, and the only 4 reed 37/96 model made with standard hand made reeds – all at barely 19 lbs! 

One of our world renowned and newest customers is virtuoso chromatic accordionist Mario Tacca who, with his acclaimed vocalist wife and international performing partner Mary Mancini are now happily enjoying their new SEM Ciao French-type reedless accordion with 400 instantly accessible sounds and wireless capability.  It is a pleasure to have a former Cavagnolo customer like Mario decide to purchase a SEM Ciao this time around.  He has already noted that the response of the sound card and midi system is quicker on the Ciao compared to his Cavagnolo.  Another plus is that unlike the latter company, the SEM Ciao is supported by the responsive Suoni factory – makers of such well known marques as Scandalli and Paolo Soprani. 

When it comes to the new Roland V-Accordions, we have hundreds of satisfied customers, including professionals that love their new Music Magic / Accordions USA supplied V-Accordions so much that they have become product demonstrators for these Roland products.  Namely, we are talking about Rhode Island’s well known accordion educator and professional jazz performer Joe Cerritto, Jr. and his Roland FR-7 and also Philadelphia’s chromatic bayan virtuoso and recent 2006 $10,000 winner of the AAA’s International Accordion Competition, Vitaly Pirog.  Today, Vitaly plays concerts not only with his classical bayan, but is also eager to perform other genres using his amazingly versatile Roland FR-7b V-accordion. 

One of America's greatest and long-lived jazz accordionists, Tommy Ippolito from Albany, NY, now plays the Roland FR-7 and takes the instrument to levels of realism and expression that should be heard by any remaining skeptics of this most amazing electronic musical instrument ever invented.  What other self-contained musical instrument can be played by one person, made to sound like three or four musicians are actually playing, yet EVERY NOTE is still sounded manually and fully controlled by the performer w/o any pre-recorded embellishment tracks? We appreciate Mr. Ippolito's traveling a little further than he had to to purchase his V-Accordion, but Music Magic USA spent hours explaining all aspects of the instrument ourselves (we do not have to hire factory reps to come in and talk to our customers about features and respond to questions for which we already know the answers. 

Only Music Magic USA, LLC is a charter V-Accordion dealer that stocks every model of the V-Accordion, has met on multiple occasions with the Italian V-Accordion design team (including a complete day-long session of the Roland Europe manufacturing and Research facility in Italy, and whose input has shaped improvements in the delivery system of product and is currently helping to shape the next generation of V-Accordion products and accessories.  The fact that we are one of the top 3 V-Accordion dealers in USA sales volume is merely a testimonial to the trust that we are able to instill in our prospective customers to make them feel comfortable with our no-risk approach to offering the product to customers in all parts of the country. 

When vacationing in Florida, you can find another professional in the Latin circuit also playing one of our Roland V-Accordions – none other than Maricarmen Vasquez, also quite well-known for her performances at various AAA functions.  For an easy listening smooth sound, you can go to the northern New Jersey area and hear Sal Torino playing, singing and strolling with his Roland FR-3s – an 18 lb wonder which has allowed Sal to expand his musical capabilities without sacrificing weight or portability. 

When the United States Army's elite Strolling Strings needed to purchase a new 47/120 sized custom made accordion and needed delivery quickly, it was Music Magic / Accordions USA that was called upon to provide a new Victoria Accordion to the band's Group Leader and Producer - Manny Bobenrieth. 

Anyone visiting the Manhattan part of NYC look up the Northeastern Brazilian band “Forro for All” headed by a brilliant creative accordionist Rob Curto playing his Ottavianelli Super Musette  which he selected after countless hours of auditioning accordions over the course of several visits.  Where else can you go and feel so comfortable and welcome to spend a total of over 10 hours in any other accordion showroom?  Nowhere - that's where! 

The above cavalcade of Music Magic USA professional customers epitomizes the variety and quality of musicians that choose to purchase their new accordions from Music Magic / Accordions USA.  This appropriately mirrors the variety and quality of the accordions we sell.  No Chinese models, No used models, Nothing but new quality models from more manufacturers than you will find in other showrooms. 

Together with exclusive models available nowhere else in the world, expert assistance from a professional resident accordionist, easy-pay no-interest financing options and our exclusive Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee on all in-stock accordions, we are confident that your best choice for a safe, satisfying, educated and more affordable accordion purchase experience is to trust Music Magic Accordions USA with your next purchase. 

There is nothing like the pleasant, no-pressure informed buying experience, after-sale customer care (including assistance on any and all warranty related issues) and "how to" user assistance as you will experience at Music Magic USA.  We look forward to your joining our musical family.

Most importantly, at Accordions USA, we value you as a customer and promise a no pressure, enjoyable and more affordable shopping experience! 

Home News Products NEW Internet Store! History - AUSA Pros who chose us!

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