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Roland 2012 FR-1x
Roland Fr-1X Available now at
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Announcing the new 2012 FR-1x V-Accordion - Reserve yours TODAY!

The World's lightest weight and most affordable digital accordion! Full-range Built-In Speakers, TWO USB connectors for MP3 playback, SET loading/saving, and computer midi sequencer/notation connectivity. Improved bellows dynamics and many one-touch performance friendly features to ensure that your performance hits a high note each and every time!

Let Music Magic USA show you why we are BY FAR your best choice for all your V-Accordion sales, service and support needs.

At MMUSA - America's Original V-Accordion Dealer - we are not best because we are first, we are first because we are the best!

Roland Fr-3X V-Accordion

Music Magic USA, the USA's original and most experienced V-Accordion dealer, is again the FIRST to stock the newest FR-3x V-Accordions.

The perfect combination of the familiar sounds and nuances of a traditional accordion, with all the advantages of a versatile digital instrument. Thanks to the new bellows pressure-sensing circuitry, the FR-3x gives faster response, higher sensitivity and precision, plus detection of bellows opening/closing. The USB host allows you to customize orchestra and accordion sounds and to save user program data, as well as MP3/Wave playback, while the bellows resistance regulator allows you to control the inertia of the bellows. Lightweight and portable, the FR-3x is perfect for students, hobbyists, and stage performers.

ROLAND V-Accordion

The Accordion Phenomenon of the Decade! Purchase from the dealer with the most V-Accordion experience in the USA! IN STOCK!

The best selling accordion of the past 30 years! As America's original authorized ROLAND V-Accordion nationwide dealer, we have delivered hundreds of V-Accordions to our satisfied customers and backed up each sale with our exclusive Golden Glove technical support and customer service, including our professional V-Loaner policy and DOA exchange policy. We are the V-Accordion experts with most models always in stock - 100% Money-Back Guarantee! Lifetime Tech Support, free upgrades, and extra simple instructions provided to assist our customers with general and special functions. If you want to get the MOST out of your new V-Accordion, then purchase a V-Accordion which has been completely Quality Controlled, prepared and custom set up to ensure the most satisfying "out of the box" playing experience. Find out for yourself why we have the best reputation in the business. Available in weights from 16 to 25 lbs MAP priced from $2,695 (FR-2) to $5,995 (FR-7). Ask us about no interest financing and other specials

Super Ballo


41/120 Super Musette w/Cassotto (tone chamber). Full-size keyboard with compact body. 9/5+M regs. OUR EXCLUSIVE- IN STOCK!

Music Magic Accordions USA is proud to introduce one of the world's most unique and highest quality accordions. Direct from Italy's Cooperfisa Accordion Factory in Vercelli, Italy. The Super Ballo has a 19" full size keyboard yet its body is no larger than that of a chromatic button accordion! The result is a cassotto accordion with LMMM reed configuration with a rich tone chambered bassoon plus a most authentic true 3 reed Super Musette sound - all with premium Hand Made Reeds with range enhancing "bombate" reed treatment. The width of the Super Ballo body is just 16.8 inches compared to a typical full sized accordion width of ~19"! This results in a noteable increase in playiing comfort and lighter weight, making this the perfect accordion for dance bands, performers and strolling use - providing a more comfortable fit for a broader torso range than any other full sized model. All this, without sacrificing the keywidth and range of a full sized model. Cassotto quality without the extra weight.

Pro 9

 Shown with on-board MIDI system IN STOCK (in Classic Black)

Our best selling accordion model, the ALESSANDRINI Pro 9 is the "bread and butter" choice of both professionals and enthusiasts alike. The accordion is CERTIFIED with seal and certification to be 100% Italian built by the Alessandrini factory in Castelfidardo, Italy. Our in-stock model is equipped with partial ornamentation (shown), Classic Black finish (photo shows optional Black Pearl finish), premium Hand Finished Reeds, Continental Tuning (HMML) and MusicMaker MIDI system by MusicTech with dozens of internal electronic orchestral sounds and treble/bass reed cancel registers.


"Inducted" into the Cleveland Polka Hall-of-Fame IN STOCK!

Unique, authentic Cleveland-Style (Yankovic tuned) polka accordion with numerous exclusive features. Designed Available in full size or 37/96 compact versions. Both equipped with Hand Made Reeds, Hi/Lo polka palm register, Sennheiser microphones, deluxe padded hard case, proprietary Alessandrini 19" soft touch keyboard. Available with or without MIDI. Played by Grammy Award winners "The Jimmy Sturr Orchestra" and a number of other well known groups.

Model 11 - Concerto 2+2

Double chambered top of the line model (sl. milder musette tuning) Approx 4 weeks for delivery.

The Models 11 and 12 are Alessandrini's flagship models. Since 1952, the Alessandrinis have taken pride in building the most attractive, tonally superb and cost competitive models in Italy. This tradition continues with the Model 11, boasting hand finished or hand made reeds, proprietary Alessandrini designed keyboard (not sourced from the keyboard supplier like many other factories do, and with extensive use of wood (valve hammers, keyboard foundation, bass plate, cassotto shell). A more durable construction is used to improve the resonance of the rigid wooden accordion body, along with brass components utilized in the Master bar mechanism for a sturdier design that should last forever! Oversized, easy to select register switches - some with spring return, under grille mounted dust guard to keep the interior free from dirt and grime, a full 20 bellows folds rather than 19 often used elsewhere, and an integrated Master bar rather than an obviously "screwed-on" look used by almost all other manufacturers.


Musette w/TRIPLE Tone Chamber & patented Amplisound IN STOCK

Introduced as one of the first models in G. Verde's 100th anniversary line of custom built super premium models, their unsurpassed Centennario Series. The Live Series boasts an extremely rare keyboard configuration - 39 Treble and 96 Bass keys, with automotive grade painted gloss finish, 4/4 sets of Hand Made Reeds, in stock with Italian Musette tuning (also available with Continental and Double Bassoon reed configurations), patented multiple chamber design provides register selectable chamber sound wave porting for a total of 17 different treble tonalities - several which cannot be duplicated with any other tone chamber design. Just 26 lbs. Other Centennario Series models (all with Hand Made Reeds and custom painted finish) available by Special Order ranging from the 16 lb UltraLite III (30/72) to the flagship Elite IV (41/120) multiple chamber model.


400 sounds/ ~14 lbs. IN STOCK

CIAO is the finest and easiest to use midi system with the most built-in sounds of any midi system. Also available on all SUONI made acoustic accordions as an excellent midi system, the CIAO REEDLESS is the lightest reedless on the market. Utilizing a newer sound engine than competitive models, you can even select several percussive sounds layered over bass sounds to create basic manual rhythms where your left fingers become virtual drumsticks - and still, every sound you hear is played by the performer. New Version 2 features include dozens of one touch programmable presets for instant recall during performance, as well as extremely useful multichannel mode which allows you to completely separate your right hand output from that of your left hand, allowing for individualized equalization and foot pedal control of your treble sounds -as well as bellows volume control. The new Ciao Version 2 - It's an earful!


The Connoiseur's Choice. IN STOCK!!

Known for decades as one of the most respected models in the world, the legend lives on in today's Super VI. Still made using the same blueprints as the original model, with special selection of hardwoods, higher quality keyboards, Binci or equivalent super premium Hand Made Reeds. Playability and feel that exudes quality and justifies the investment.


Super Dolomite 42/120

Tone Chamber (Designed by and built exclusively for Accordions USA) IN STOCK

Custom made to PIETRO quality specifications by skilled artisans in Italy. This is not just a renamed model from some Italian factory. This is privately built for PIETRO Accordions and distributed by Accordions USA using the most comfortable design configuration and component balancing for extremely comfortable weight distribution and playability. We can assure that you will not feel as if you are playing a 42 note keyboard nor a double tone chambered model. The Super Dolomite (named for the Italian Alpine mountain region in the northeastern part of the country near Switzerland) is a Zupan style accordion with a rare 42 note 19 1/8" keyboard. Satin burled wood finish, Hand Made Reeds, Hand cut exotic wood inlay ornamentation. An absolute work of art weighing a very comfortable 26 lbs

Dolomite 96H

Helicon Bass mid-size 38/96 model w/4-reed True Musette - The authentic Slovenian, German, Austrian type sound! 23 lb- IN STOCK

So you have always loved that Zupan-type buttonbox sound. But you don't play the buttonbox and you can't find anyone who sells Zupans anymore? (If you could, it would be extremely expensive and a very long wait.) Now Accordions USA exclusively introduces the PIETRO Dolomite wood line accordions - custom built in virtually any size, keywidth, reed type and either conventional Stradella or Helicon tuba bass. Privately manufactured in Italy only for Pietro Accordions. Every detail and specification is designed with the Zupan type sound and quality as a reference with additional unique Pietro features that make the Dolomite Series unique and even more appealing than its predecessors. Genuine burled wood finish in fingerprint-proof satin finish. All decorations are hand inlaid using various colored exotic hand-cut woods. No paint or plastic is ever used. Decorations are across the top, front and bottom of the instrument. Grilles are available in chrome or wood. You'll love the true Musette treble & rich bass.

Primo d'Oro

 One of the world's finest accordions. High quality Hand Made bombato reeds. Piccolo or Musette tuning & CIAO midi -Both IN STOCK

An Accordions USA exclusive! For the discriminating accordionist who wants nothing but the best. Genuine Hand Made Reeds with rare bombato processing for increased and incredible dynamic range & power. Rare all-wood tone chamber construction with radial reflective geometry - not the usual "square box" design. Full length and width emerald-cut treble keyboard and perfectly aligned and dampened mechanism for a "Cadillac" quality feel. Specially designed grille for maximum sound transmission. Unique PIETRO luxury gold ornamentation. Rich low G bass tuning with your choice of slightly lighter Italian Musette tuning (LMMM) for a more focused Master register but still with 4 different Musettes to cover a wide tonal spectrum or Piccolo Continental (LMMH) tuning. Pictured is the Primo d'Oro Combo - w/ Sennheiser mics and the amazing 400 sound Ciao MIDI with manual percussive bass sounds - all accessible from the color coordinated flush grille panel.


Compact - Mahogany NEW: Now also available in celluloided finish at a new, lower price! Wood Finish IN STOCK!

Without a doubt, the finest 34/96 sized accordion made. All the features and quality materials that are used in Brandoni's larger exclusive Wood Line Series - but with much lighter weight and affordability. 4/5 sets of Hand Made Reeds, genuine Mahogany matte finish, sharps/flats, registers and grille, complete pallete of 11 treble and 7 bass registers. EXTREMELY POWERFUL sound and easy playability. Just ~21.5 lbs!


World's most tonally diverse accordion - 25 different treble registers, the flagship of the Brandoni line.SPECIAL ORDER

The only accordion of its kind in the world! Highest quality craftmanship - exclusively Italian crafted in the Brandoni Accordions factory in Castelfidardo, Italy. Double tone chamber design, the finest attention to detail (both inside and out) of any accordion currently made. One of the last production examples of a truly great accordion - worth thousands more than its price. The Model 149 is available in either real Mahogany wood or in celluloided finishes. Finest Hand Made Reeds with leather reed check valves. Truly AT LEAST two accordions in one with unparalleled tonal diversity ranging from a true Jazz to genuine Continental to authentic European Musette voicings. (Also available in reduced size versions - also with 25 treble registers.)


 A masterpiece - unsurpassed attention to detail - both inside and out. IN STOCK (piccolo/continental tuned)

The BRANDONI Model 148 is Brandoni's top of the line 4/5 reed double tone chambered model - available in either the pictured true Mahogany wood finish or in traditional Black celluloid finish. Either one is equipped with premium Hand Made Reeds, with genuine kidskin leather reed check-valves, and the finest attention to detail - rivaling the workmanship of accordions manufactured in the 50's and 60's. For a "fit" and "feel" that is as good as the quality and craftsmanship, consider purchasing a BRANDONI - today's "Mercedes" of accordions.

Piccolo 30/72

The WORLD's LIGHTEST high quality all-Italian made accordion - An INCREDIBLE 13.5 lbs light!  IN STOCK!

Many accordionists have contacted Accordions USA regarding a lightweight model which still has a quality sound and is constructed like a full sized model, not like a student model. The Piccolo addresses this as Brandoni's lightest weight and most affordable all-Italian built model. Brandoni has a complete series of lightweight semi-pro and pro models unmatched by any other accordion manufacturer. At an incredible 13.5 lbs, the Piccolo weighs less than even the lightest reedless accordions! All this with NO extra use of plastic. The keyboard is of wooden construction, with full width keys and a shallow, quick keyboard with a feel that is just like that of a good full-sized model - not springy or deep like most accordions of these dimensions. The reeds are powerful and provide a single tonal flavor for the treble (2 middle sets of treble reeds with a mild or medium vibrato with 4 bass sets of reeds with an amazingly rich sound and a robust low C tuning). Painted finish is avail. in 4 colors.


Designed for Music Magic USA.  Italy's only new model of its kind for 2008!
World's only 41/96 - just 23.5 lbs, IN STOCK!

Music Magic Accordions USA continues its role as the premier innovators in accordion manufacturing, design, and marketing with the worldwide introduction of our latest model designed to be absolutely unique and an excellent size for nearly everyone. For the professional who demands the tonal quality of fully hand made reeds, prefers the range of a FULL 41 NOTE Golden-Touch keyboard (world's fastest, shallow & light), with the variety and richness of a 4/5 reed (treble/low G bass)configuration, available pro quality genuine certified Sennheiser microphones, and last but not least, the comfort and exclusive body engineering that allows all of the above to be effortlessly played for hours on stage, in the studio or at home with less bulk and weight compared to almost any full sized 41/120 model. ~ (23.5 lbs). With a Star-Lite finish of fine holographic metallic chips and silver specks on a black base, the new Star-Lite will be Lite on your shoulders, bring music to your ears and put a sparkle in your eyes!

Golden Pearl

 Model originated by Music Magic Accordions USA. SPECIAL ORDER

Artist Special Series Musette model with double tone chamber, 4/5 sets of Hand Made Reeds, rich bass, acclaimed keyboard action, and playability rivaling that of any other model at any price. Custom key, register, bellows, body color and engraving is no problem on this personalized, hand crafted ALL-ITALIAN MADE model.


Gold LE

As great an accordion as you will find - w/ the world's fastest Golden Touch Keyboard. IN STOCK!

The Gold LE (Limited Edition) Ottavianelli Super Jazz & Balkan SILA represents the culmination of a cooperative effort between Ottavianelli in Italy and Music Magic Accordions USA. We went to the factory and helped to specify the requirements for the exclusive Golden Touch keyboard - with the shallowest depression and lowest key spring resistance of any accordion made. Combined with the incredible comfort, playability and sleek profile of this double chambered premium model, this 26 lb performer's model's playability consistently amazes all who try it out. We dare any competitive model to surpass this Ottavianelli in comfort, keyboard response, bass depth and bellows articulation. Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money-back! Available in ANY body, key and bellows color as well as with virtually any custom painted or stoned decoration motif. The Super Jazz & Golden Pearl - the perfect extension of your artistic emotions.

OTTAVIANELLI - Super Concerto 5/5

Top shelf 5 reed double tone chamber model with piccolo & bassoon in the cassotto. 19 treble registers! IN STOCK!

Ottavianelli's visually stunning Artist Series flagship 5/5 model with Super Pro Hand Made Reeds. If you have ever considered a 5 reed model but were concerned about it having too much musette vibrato resulting in a "muddy" sounding 5 reed Master, the Super Concerto is for you! A "tight" tuning results in the most focused sounding 5 reed accordion we have ever heard. The 5th reed imparts additional power while the rare pairing of Bassoon + Piccolo reed sets in the cassotto transforms the normally thin and shrill Piccolo sound into an amazingly useful, tonally richer reed set. The Organ (L+H) and Master registers are unmatched for Jazz, and diverse musical genre. The cassotto Piccolo adds punch to one of the most robust Bassoon registers (with tonal depth maximized by the larger interior volume of the instrument). Jazz tuned - not Musette tuned - but it can be special ordered with true Musette. The 19 different treble registers provide a rainbow of tonal nuances! Possibly the nicest 5 reed on the market!


(Not available anywhere else in the world) W/ hand made reeds & Sennheiser mics!

The ONLY revolutionary NEW accordion design in decades. Designed personally by Music Magic Accordions USA in the summer of 2006 while at the Ottavianelli factory, we have made the Angle achieve a new level of playing comfort, ergonomics and playability for a professional, non-chambered 4/5 Hand Finished Reed model. Featuring more comfortable arm and wrist angles for both right and left hands, our new Golden Touch keyboard - guaranteed to be the quickest, easiest to play keyboard in the industry or your money-back, and featuring a folded bass sound design for richer depth and our exclusive Double-Action palm register design to reduce the need to every have to take your hands away from the keyboard during a performance. THERE's NOTHING ELSE LIKE IT. If you can find a better quality and more innovative accordion for less - we will refund the difference anytime during your ownership of the amazing Ottavianelli Angle!


 One of the Lowest Cost full-sized MIDI accordions made in Italy. IN STOCK

Accordions USA has not forgot about the basic needs of the performing or recreational accordionist. MIDI accordions are becoming more and more popular but the introduction of MIDI into an accordion further raises the cost of ownership. What to do? Now the answer is "EASY"! The Ottavianelli "EASY" MIDI is introduced exclusively by Accordions USA as a response to our request to provide a full sized, 41/120, 4/5 reed (not standard Export Reeds but with upgraded Dural type reeds), Musette (std.) or Piccolo (opt.) tuned model with state of the art plug & play magnetic midi (with the smallest AC power supply of any other Italian system) and mics that do not require for you to open up the accordion at all to replace a battery! 11/7 + Keyboard Master tonal registrations. Complete with grille ornamentation, pearl keys (or white), full back pad and wide straps. Great for use with MIDI auto-arranger modules such as the Orla XM900 or Ketron's SD-3. This is the best MIDI Accordion value on the market today!


The Performer's Accordion! Complete with EVERYTHING - MIDI, Mics, Binci reeds, double chamber. IN STOCK!

The Showtime is one of the world's newest models - designed with no compromises whatsoever. Commissioned exclusively by Music Magic Accordions USA, this model is designed to give the performing accordionist everything he or she needs to maximize their stage performance, whether the stage is a nightclub in Branson, a Vegas concert, a strolling venue at the winery or if you just want to treat yourself to the most versatile performing accordion ever offered at such a superior level of quality and playability. Besides being visually customizable with respect to keyboard, bellows and register coloring, the Showtime is among the only models made today which utilizes ONLY legendary BINCI Pro Hand Made Reeds. Microphones utilize genuine Sennheiser capsules and the MIDI system on board the MIDI version provides dozens of the highest quality orchestral sounds currently available from Italy. The possibilities are endless with wireless MIDI and microphone transmission available, and even sound sensing grille lights!

Super Musette

Colori Edition The truest Musette sounds available, painted finish, tone chambered Bassoon, Special Purchase! IN STOCK

The Super Musette is a professional model configured with the generally accepted and most authentic Musette configuration possible - three sets of middle reeds mounted outside of the chamber with a rich bassoon reed sets in the single tone chamber. Adding to the texture of the sound is the leather wrapped valve hammer plate (usually exposed metal) which serves as an acoustic sound "warmer" and enhances the quietness of the silky, lighter touch keyboard (one of the hallmarks of the Ottavianelli brand). The pictured model is IN STOCK and is equipped with one of the most exotic and highly regarded hand made SABBATINI reeds. Because of our special purchase of this Colori Edition model, we can guarantee that there is NO EQUAL in Musette authenticity, keyboard feel, bass tonal richness (another Ottavianelli hallmark), and reed quality at any price under $9,000 on the market today! Call for our special pricing!

Ventura IV M

A real HOHNER made in the original German factory! SPECIAL ORDER ~ 1 week for delivery!

HOHNER's most unique, all German made new model is the Ventura IV M - a true Musette tuned 4/5 reed professional quality model. The unique two toned black w/silver design is unmistakeable, yet understated. The grille design is extremely open (even on the top and bottom sides) and adds to the significantly greater tonal projection and volume of this instrument. Boasting the patented HOHNER keyboard design allowing removal of one key at a time rather than all keys being strung on a long rod, the Ventura is technologically up to date and probably one of the only models made outside of Italy which can be worth considering to purchase. If you would like a HOHNER, don't risk buying a Chinese or Czechoslovakian made model! Get a REAL GENUINE HOHNER - the Ventura IV - still made in West Germany!


Super King Edition SPECIAL ORDER

An accordion worthy of the legendary Paolo Soprani hallmark. 24 lbs of playing pleasure with the authentic reknowned Paolo Soprani true Musette tuning. Pictured is the Professional 3 model with classic Super King ornamentation package (available on white, black, blue or red accordions).


PAOLO SOPRANI Professionale 1A

37/96 mid-size w/4/5 sets of HF Reeds (shown w/ optional 400 sound CIAO midi system) IN STOCK without MIDI

The PAOLO SOPRANI Line lives on with the most compact model with their Professionale designation. This is a semi-pro to pro model (depending on reed type) with 4/5 sets of reeds featuring the renowned Paolo Soprani Musette tuning - passed down for close to a century. Once the accordion marque of the "masses", today, Paolo Soprani remains committed to providing fine Italian manufacture by trained artisans - all at a competitive price point. Sweet musette tuning with a lush 3 reed true musette as well as the lighter 2 reed Violin. Together with the optional CIAO midi system, this is one of the lighter and more affordable modern-day one man band solutions. Even available with wireless midi and mics. Acoustic w/microphones or MIDI versions - either one is a lighter weight model with versatility and cost savings vs. a full size model. ~21.5 lbs

We invite you to visit our site and review one of the world's finest and most unique collections of brand new Italian made accordions.  All models are available from Accordions USA by contacting us toll-free in North America at 888.887.0975 or, if you are visiting the New York City / Northern New Jersey area, dozens are showcased in America's only exclusively new accordion showroom.

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Our commitment is to provide our valued accordion customers with the most informative, relaxed, convenient, worry-free and satisfying buying experience possible.  With such security and conveniences as audio and/or video product demonstrations, 7 day per week scheduling of showroom appointments with complimentary Newark Int'l. Airport and Newark Penn Central (Amtrak & Greyhound) terminal shuttle service, lifetime toll-free product support, as well as our Satisfaction Guarantee and exclusive Money-Back Guarantee on in-stock accordions with our exclusive no interest easy financing options - Accordions USA div. of Music Magic USA, LLC is your best choice for all your conventional, midi and reedless new accordion needs - including accordion/keyboard amplifiers, midi auto-arrangers and keyboards.


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